Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sri N Kantha - Funeral Details

As indicated below, Sri Kantha (72) passed away last afternoon. He leaves behind his wife, Sushila, son Prathaban and daughters Sumathy and Shivanthi.

I have been advised by his son in law Mani that the funeral is scheduled for Monday, December 21 at 11 am at the

Franklin Memorial Park
1800 State Route 27 (Lincoln Highway)
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
(732) 545-4184

For Franklin Memorial Park click here
For directions to Franklin Memorial Park click here

There is no wake or viewing. A service will be held at 11/11.30 am and cremation will follow thereafter at the same location.

In case you wish to contact the family or send any cards or condolences - their address is -

46 W Countryside Drive
Princeton, NJ 08450


Anonymous said...

From: Ilankai Tamil Sangam
Subject: [Tamils] Obituary Notice:

Mr. Nadarajah Sri Kantha of Princeton, NJ (Funeral Services will be held on Dec 21st, 11.00AM)
Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 2:10 PM

Dear Friends,

With great sadness, we announce that Mr. Nadarajah Sri Kantha of Princeton, New Jersey attained moksha on the 16th of December. Mr. Sri Kantha was a loving husband of Sushila, beloved father of Prathaban, Sumathy Suthersan and Shivanthi Mani Vannan, cherished grandfather of Shauna, Dinesh, Nealon and Krishan, and the father-in-law of Suthan Suthersan and Mani Vannan.

Funeral services will be held on Monday the 21st of December between 11 AM and 1 PM at the Franklin Memorial Park, 1800 Lincoln Highway (Route 27), North Brunswick, NJ 08902. Tel: 732-545-4184.

Please pass this information on to anyone who might wish to join us in remembering Mr. Nadarajah Sri Kantha.

For more information, please call Mani Vannan at (917) 428 4396.

Ilankai Tamil Sangam

Jay Liyanage said...


The death of our dearest friend N Sri Kantha leaves a void in our lives, a void which will be hard to fill given the time we ourselves have left in this world. As we proceed writing the final chapter, there are those that stand out, considering the longevity of our association and the sincerity of purpose and the firm love and affection that went to build and cement such friendships.
Although he was not quite in the best of health these past few years, yet Theresa and I could never reconcile ourselves to accept that Sri is no more amongst us.

For those of you who may not have known N Sri Kantha up close or been a part of his regular group of friends, I must say you were not fortunate to know the quality of this man. He was an intelligent and well accomplished individual married to a real lady Sushila who together brought up three well disciplined children Sumathy, Prathapan and Shivanthi. Sri's wife Sushila was born the same day, same year and same time as my wife Theresa and thus shared similar destinies in life. Therese and I attended his wedding/ homecoming in his Nelson Place Wellewatte home in the early sixties.
Our friendship goes back to the penultimate period of our respective high school days. He and I joined Pfizer in Sri Lanka in the early sixties ( although I had been in Pharmaceuticals a few years before him) I was always conscious of his presence beside me in everything I did. He took my spot as Field Operations Manager at Pfizer later. He joined the Sri Lanka Jaycees along with me and we shared the Vice Presidents spot in that organization just prior to my leaving for the US. Two years later he followed me to the University of Massachusetts and followed the same courses of study and later joined the US pharmaceutical industry.
There are many times we have spent week ends at our respective homes in Smithstown NY and Denville NJ. He also played a role in the architectural redesigning of my home in Denville.
Many things could be said of Sri and the help he gave the Sri Lanka Association of NY when I was its Secretary and President. He was always ready to help anyone who came to him for advice.
Above all Sri was a bright self assured man and was proud of his family accomplishments as well especially his two son's in law Sutheshan and Mani. I was chosen by Sri to propose 'the toast' to the couple at both his daughters' weddings.

How does one prepare oneself to accept these losses as time fades away. When Sri after his first stroke in Long Island, sent me his "Last Will" which lies unopened in my bank vault in Denville and I am spending my long winter break here in Sri Lanka. I know when I mentioned about his 'last will' to him sometime back he said that he had revised it later. Theresa Shamil and I called Sushila and Sumathy on our Vonage Line from Sri Lanka and expressed our condolences . That is the least we can do to express our feelings at the departure of this wonderful guy. We are deeply sorry we cannot be there on Monday, it's better still we can shed our tears here in our own private way for dear Sri.
" Good night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".
Jay Liyanage
December 2009