Monday, May 04, 2009

Post Funeral

We are grateful to the over 200 who braved the weather to attend her funeral and fully understand the inability of others who called later and who were unaware of her demise and unable to join to pay their last respects. Given that she died a little after Noon on Saturday and the funeral was on Sunday morning; the participation was remarkable and obviously indicative of the communities love and esteem for her.

We also thank all those who have called, emailed and contacted us from near and far.

Rifky and Altaf Mackeen
Razveen and Dhanya Shamsedeen


Nalheer Ismail said...

Rifky and family - please accept my profound sympathies on the passing away of your wife Siromani. This must be an irreparable loss to all of you. I pray that Allah will forgive Siromani of her sins and may she enter Allah's kingdom of eternal paradise. Also, I pray that Allah give you all the strength and guidance to continue life as best as possible under the circumstances. Hang in there Rifky - you still have things to do - what, as and when will be determined by Allah as the days unfold. I am sure that all of you would have made her life most wonderful - whilst she was around -and for this she will be proud of all of you and you'll would certainly reap the benefits of what she's left behind - in memories and happy moments to reminisce. Take good care - Nalheer Ismail - E-Mail -


To Rifky and family

Please accept our deepest sympathies.

May she attain Nibbana

From Juggy Goonewardene and family
"Pavan Sevena"
Nawala Road
Sri Lanka.

Liliana V. Rios said...

I knew Siro for a very brief time, but she will be sorely missed for she was a wonderful woman. She opened her home to me on many occasions and treated me like a friend even after just a few encounters. She was a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful. And on more than one occasion she too made me laugh. I am glad that I was one of the prilidged ones who was in her life even for a moment.

shirani ibrahim said...

To Rifky n kids

Death has no control over the boundaries of loyalty n love

It will always and forever be, as long as there is a heart in thee.

Visions of a loss, is all that one will melancholy and constantly see.

Wherever the wide oceans
meet the blue vast sky.

Echoing sweet memories will be a-glow,

That cannot escape nor ever deny

As the weeping twin rivers
overflow down desperate souls.

A question unspeakable

Is it really the hands of death that stole?

Or was she a hand picked bouquet by the angels from above?

To enter the gates of Heaven and be showered with never ending love!

Shirani Ibrahim n family